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Day 4 of 30 Min Project 12/18/14

December 18th, 2014

Uggh, not really feeling it tonight, but here goes :P.


  • So, said last night that here’s what I needed to do:
    • time to start creating some tests!
    • Use tests to drive the api bits forward for things
    • Start writing the controllers for todos with tests
  • Let’s setup a few sandbox mongo dibs on so I can play
    • got my normal one setup, will need test shortly
  • OK, let’s start setting up some tests
    • Originally we had a JS class that did all the data loading, may not need that right away, but I’m thinking of using the machinist ( stuff I was working on to ease test data creation
    • for now let’s start without it and see where it makes sense
    • Instead of putting this stuff in a separate JS file, pushing this into my gulpfile instead this time around
    • Let’s get the simple data wipe function done first
  • OK, didn’t get very far this evening :P, started getting my test infrastructure in place but not to the point of running tests yet Next steps:
  • Get at least one test written and running (not necessarily passing, but running)
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