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Day 7/8 of 30 Min Project 12/22/14

December 22nd, 2014

Missed yesterday due to friends being in town and prepping for our annual holiday trip.


  • gulp mocha isn’t finishing properly. I know I handled this somewhere :P
    • ahh, using exit and pipe the results to it
    • Hmm, test is timing out now :/
    • Not sure if it’s connectivity issues (on the road over hotspot) or if something else weird is going on
    • Local db isn’t being created, so it’s acting like it’s not even connecting to mongodb
    • Hmm, turned off the gulp-exit stuff and it finally shows the db call, so it is just timing out for some weird reason, putting a longer timeout
    • Yep, and it now exits properly in gulp :)
  • Figure out how we’re going to manage our test data
    * Before I’ve created a setup script that deletes and adds new data to test with
    * going to do this for now, but long term want to get this abstracted out using machinist-js
    * pulling in a util that will create and delete test data
    * Hmm, something weird is happening now that I have that wired in to gulp, appears to not be starting server properly to run tests :/
    Next steps:
  • Figure out why the startup isn’t happening on time now
  • Get tests going that use test data
    • We have a few controllers/endpoints we need to test
      • /token - gets a valid token for a logged in user
      • /user - gets current user that is logged in via that token
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