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Day 9 of 30 Min Project 12/23/14

December 23rd, 2014


  • Figure out why the startup isn’t happening on time now
    * Clearly I’m misunderstanding gulp flow a bit here as there are some things that aren’t happening in the right order with my new setup test data and clear test data
    * OK, got things wired up so they happen in the right order, but for some reason convict is not respecting my environment PORT variable properly and assigning it when running the server
    * It’s just using the default port of 4000
    * Weird
    Next steps:
  • Figure out why convict isn’t respecting my env variable for PORT so that everything runs right
  • Get tests going that use test data
    • We have a few controllers/endpoints we need to test
      • /token - gets a valid token for a logged in user
      • /user - gets current user that is logged in via that token
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