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Week 1 Recap of 30 Min Project 12/22/14

December 22nd, 2014

Made some decent progress last week. Got 6/7 days done, not bad for the first week. Hoping to be able to keep this up over our holiday break, which might be a bit tricky some days, but hoping to make up any time by doing extra (like today). Once I start skipping more than one day is when it gets more and more difficult to get back in the groove quickly.

This week was very easy to get back in the flow only after one day.

Things I was able to accomplish so far in just 3 hours this week (give or take a few minutes, so maybe 3.5 hours total):

  • Initial code for api and angular front-end checked in
  • Converted api code over to convict instead of homegrown settings system
  • Started setting up my Gulp file to build and run my mocha tests
  • Fixed some problems with restify-oauth2

Next week goals:

  • Get api tests finished
  • Wire in Node.js domain stuff
  • Start working on angular front-end
    • Thinking about playing with Google’s Material Design
    • Right now the front-end is using bootstrap but may switch it over to Zurb Foundation
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